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What is the best first impression in our online world?

A first class, professional headshot… Your Brand Starts Here!

Show them that you take your brand seriously. A great headshot can help you promote your business brand well, making you stand out for all the right reasons.

Conferences and Events

Are you looking for a fun, unique value-add for the attendees at your event or conference?

Are you looking to draw people to your booth and to give them a gift that they can actually utilize?

Connect with us to see how our Pop-up Studio can enhance your event or booth.

We can capture attendees’ headshots in micro mini-sessions in our pop-up studio by our incredible event headshot photographers.

How it works

No two events are the same. We always work closely with you to create a unique plan for your event. Typically, our Squad will arrive early, set up, and start shooting as people come to check-in for your conference.

We don’t need a lot of space, approximately a 10 x 10 booth, electricity, a couple of tables and chairs works. However, this is flexible too, and we can discuss this when we come up with your unique plan.

Our Squad only needs a few minutes with each person, making this a quick, engaging and joyful memory with your attendees’. We can photograph approximately 100+ people a day without compromising quality.

BEST PART! Let our Squad take care of EVERYTHING, from the event to the administration, and all of the customer care. It is out of your hands

Each attendees’ images will be uploaded into an individual, personal gallery for viewing and selecting their favorites within a week of the event.

Inquire now for more details on how event headshots can add value to your event, seminar or conference.

Corporate Headshot for your Company or Team

Headshot Squad has years of experience working with executives, actors, models, companies and partners, capturing some of the most effective and professional corporate headshots in Los Angeles and across the United States. We understand how important it is for your headshot to represent who you really are and the personalities of all the individuals that deliver your brand. Our headshots showcase your brand’s uniqueness and value.

Do you need professional headshots?

Professional headshots from Headshot Squad can give you the edge on promoting your corporate and professional image.

Historically headshots were mainly the domain of actors and models who rely on them to promote their range of expressions and characters. However, professional headshots are becoming a powerful element of your own personal brand.

Why you need a professional headshot…

It seems obvious, but you do need to think about why you need a professional headshot long before you have your professional headshot taken. Not only will these be helpful for you, but they will also help your professional headshot photographer. Things to think about are:

Other things your photographer will need to know:



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